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This is koulover/Hoku's profile.

I decided to fill this page with information on me, so you can know me better and run away while you can if you happen to find something that might offend you either from my personality or the kind of things I'll write in my journal (^o^; ~

As the first little warning, you should know that I like several BL pairings, so if you find this disgusting you should leave for your own good ( ' v ' ) .



Screenname: Hoku

Nationality: Mexican

Languages I can handle: Engrish ('''orz), español と少し日本語

Hobbies: Drawing, writing, singing, sleeping, reading and listening to music.

Likings: Lolita, twisted relationships, harpsicord music, videogames, quietness, history and clinical psychology.

Dislikings: Hysterical people, rude people, cajeta, closed minded people, stupid people, milk and the smell of beer.

Favorite number: 24

Favorite color: Yellow

Blood tpye: O-


I'm not really much of an otaku, but I like some manga and anime (^^)

Here's a list of them:

    ★Death Note

    ★Tokyo Babylon


    ★Kodomo no Omocha


    ★Hagane no Renkinjitsushi

    ★Fruits Basket

    ★Digital Monsters Adventure 01

    ★Digital Monsters Frontier

Pairings I like

Mello x Near ( Death Note )
Matt x Mello ( Death Note )
Light x L ( Death Note )
Edo x Aru ( Hagane no Renkinjitsushi )
Seishirou x Subaru ( Tokyo Babylon/X )
Kouji x Kouichi ( Digimon Frontier )


I like several types of music ( ' v ' )
But here's a list to my favorite music performers, so you can have an idea of the wide variety I mean when I say I listen to all kind of music ( ' x ' ;;;


|| X Japan || Supertramp || The Mars Volta || Malice Mizer || Mecano || REM || Megadeth || The Beatles || Queen || Dream Theater || My Chemical Romance || Mamá Pulpa || Mägo de Oz || La Oreja de Van Gogh Metallica || Chicago || Muse || Morning Musume || The Cranberries || The Bangles || Janne Da Arc || The Cardigans || Coldplay || Keane || Shocking Blue || The Carpenters || Placebo || Elfonía || Nightwish || Edguy || Depeche Mode || Vilma Palma e Vampiros || Smashing Pumpkins ||


Miguel Bosé || Paku Romi || Kugimiya Rie || Joan Manuel Serrat || Gackt || Elton John || Emilie Simon || James Blunt || Madonna || Vanessa Carlton || Raphael || Silvio Rodriguez || Camilo Sesto || Barbra Streisand || Laura Pausini || Bonnie Tyler || Alejandro Sanz ||


Yngwie M. Malmsteen || Raul Di Blasio || Vienna Boys Choir || Beethoven || Mozart || Richard Clayderman|| Henry Mancini || Mormon Tabernacle Choir || VERA Choir || Mo Ho Baroque Ensemble || Vanessa Mae ||


Colorbars and Credit~

Mello x Near is rivalry love

M & N are rival love

L es mejor que tu

Alphonse is Love! <3

Baby Elrics are Naive Love <3

Heiderich/Edward is sweet, caring, angsty, and domestic kind of love

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