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Jul. 24th, 2020

kekkon o shite


Ugliest FO Banner ever. *sigh*

Nov. 20th, 2018



Jun. 23rd, 2007


Run away train~ ♪


That's because of Rosetti's poem, "Sudden Light".

No comments (-_-;;;

Jun. 20th, 2007


Your picture out of time left aching in my mind...

» »

I wonder how that could even happen.
Aa~ I didn't feel like coloring Roger (=A=; And that's my first Roger, by the way so forgive his suckyness *fails*

I'm in a gloomy fan-mood. Because a song made me sad this morning, it's called "For Martha" by The Smashing Pumpkins. One part of the lyrics made me think of Mello's death (T_T; It's a bit not-respectful because I know the song was meant for a person in particular *always research on the songs she likes* but I can't help it.

Yesterday I started my new healthy life and it consists of...walking nine kilometers at 5:00AM. It's a bit scary because it's very dark at that hour and there are a lot of bushes where someone could easily hide to rob anyone who passes by, but I'll rely in their lazyness V(=w=;)V Robbers must sleep well to succesfully commit their crimes ne?

Bwahahaha, I discovered the official web-page of my city/town. Here. The cows...THE COWS!!! (@A@;;; The photos are VERY old, tho. There aren't any of these ugly gray/red/green/buses, fortunately they changed them for new and prettier buses some years ago, so I never had to rid on them ;

Jun. 19th, 2007



A couple of days ago I was cleaning the garage, suddenly sister grabbed the hose and squirted my face. I said it was a waste of water, but I actually found it slightly funny~

I am OH~SO-NOT happy. The computer is back...and still doesn't work properly. The scanner doesn't work. I'm going to ask father to give me money to buy a Windows XP CD (It mysteriously vanished from home) and I will format this computer myself for once and for all!

I've always had the feeling the technician brother was seeing doesn't really know what he's doing, and nobody is going to do anything about it because I'm the only one affected (most things work okay, except scanner and guess who is the only one who uses it. Oh snap! It's me!)
- - - - - - -

I want to start a healthy life. I'll exercise my body, I'll eat healthy food. I always say it, but I never can. I'm waking up at 1:30PM, I eat bad and for some reason mother is buying candies like there's no tomorrow and the temptation is incredibly huge to me, who is in love with candies of all kind, except for candy made fom goat's milk, but none of them are and they are all chanting "Eat us Hoku~ You need to eat us to gain happiness (^o^)~♪!". I'm gonna get fat, ugly and weak (TAT;;;
I won't sleep today (← don't ask! It makes sense to me not to sleep today in order to achieve a healthy life (=A=; ). Today is going to me the last unhealthy and filthy day of my life! I don't like exercise very much, tho...

Yesterday I was happy, nevertheless. We went to grand mother's house for father's day and one of the aunts I hardly ever see said I'm cute and petite like a doll (^o^) That made my day (I'm so shallow and vain, har-har~)
I also heard some interesting facts about my grand-grand-parents. They were from a place in Spain called "Aragon, Zaragoza" and came to my country running away from the Civil War or something like that. I'm not particularly interested in mexican nor spanish history, but it's interesting to know random things about your ancestors ne. Their parents were from England, but I wasn't paying much attention at all *fails* I just liked their last name; "Ferrer". It sounds soft and pretty~ Mine isn't like that at all ("Villarreal"). Bleh *random speech*

Bri, we need to talk about possible MeroNia doujinshi plots (-o-) *pokes*

Jun. 16th, 2007

kekkon o shite



You are my Love, Makino Yui

Old doodle.
That song is from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. I don't watch it, but sister has music from it (-o-)
During my time without a computer I have just re-read my doujinshis, TenKin and taken care of the house because I can't really do anything else.
I have remembered why TenKin is so great. Sara...! (ToT) She isn't the type of character that I like at all, but somehow I liked Sara. There is a song that makes me think of Setsuna and Sara. It says something like "I'll never find another girl like you ♪~ Sara! Oh Sara!". Setsuna x Sara is so sad.

Does anybody know if the circle "Mame Teishoku"(「まめ定食」) has a website?
I have a doujinshi anthology in which Mr. Mame (帯刀ま めさん[ I don't know how to read these kanjis. I've seen them both in occidental pages as "Obina" and as "Taitou" *sweatdrop* plus, I believe they can be read also as "Obigatana", "Obitachi", "Tatewaki" and others (=w=;;; I'm really behind with reading names *falls over* SO CONFUSING] ) made a collaboration page. And it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E. It was about the SPK, and her/his SPK members are beyond greatness! Her/his Gevanni is super handsome, Lidner and Lester are perfect and Near is oh-so-cute (TwT) I've tried googling it, but all I get is Yahoo auctions and printing companies that her/his work is being sold at. I've noticed, nevertheless that her/his colored work isn't as pretty as her inked one.

So this is a lesson for everyone, the cover of a doujinshi doesn't say that much about it's content.

I'd like to talk to all of you in MSN, but now I'm in a computer from school and they don't have MSN. Mou dame...

Jun. 12th, 2007


A memory that won't fade away

When will I miss you, when will I miss you so far.
(MCR, Cemetery Drive)

I confess that's an old sketch I did back when I read "Dead soldiers with unmarked graves" by Flamika-san (I think that's the title ;;;;) but since my stupid mechanical pencil has been broken by my lovely brother I can't do much. I want to do a Mello memorial picture. I really REALLY want to.

I noted Mippa onee-chan with my ideas for doujinshi. I hope she says they're okay so I can move on with it C= (-。- ) フゥー
Lately I've been feeling like drawing doujinshi. I want to draw DigiMon doujinshi, Elricest doujinshi, MattMello doujinshi but overall...MelloNear doujinshi (*>∇<*)エヘヘ~
Sadly I have no ideas *falls over* Except for the elricest, I can always use my old fanfics ;;;; This vacations have not been very productive on my behalf.
edit:/ muérete, h0ri.
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Death Note 35

I finally watched it

Read more...Collapse )

Anyway, I might edit it later. I need to watch it again and think about it. I don't want to just complain about everything, I know there are good things too, but the bad things kind of overshadow them (ToT;;

Jun. 9th, 2007

MEME and randomness

I think this is a big too big...it's a random oekakiCollapse )

Random Light-kun. My first Light made with opencanvas ; Based on listening to Butterflies and Hurricanes for too long. I think a lot of Light and Mello with that song (@@;;; I want to make a drawing of them, looking all competitive...well, Mello, Near and Light. Near doesn't need to compete to be the best.

So~ necrid tagged me with the next meme. He picked three icons and interests of mine and I have to talk a bit about them. If you comment on this post and want to participate, go ahead and ask me~ I'll choose three icons and interests of yours and you'll have to talk about them and stuff~ ♪
Meme this way~Collapse )

Also, my computer is semi-dead now. I can't open MSN nor use internet for more than 10 minutes before I have to reboot everything ( ' - ' ;;;; And I'm sick. I highly dislike being sick (-_-; *crawls back into her hole of doom*
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Jun. 7th, 2007



Mello:- Whichever, hurry up...

And that's how Matt ended up wearing that shirt. Now we need to figure out what happened to his hair...

VA-CA-TIONS~ ne ♪ ! (^O^)Vvv Finally

Yesterday a friend told me about the A-kon that took place recently. She took photos of Mero and Nia cosplayers who did it great and told me there were DesuNo doujinshis and besides, many people I admire from dA goes to the A-kon every year. I want to go (TwT)
Yesterday I asked my father for permission. It might sound extreme because it will be in more or less a year, but father is like that. And he still said I can't because it's too far away. 'orz
The first thing I did was google churchs in the Dallas area because I don't want to miss out church just because I'm somewhere else...and he believes that if I go far from where they can watch out for me, I'll get on drugs, I'll have sex and other stupid things I'm not interested in.
I'll be the best person EVER during this year and he won't be able to say no (-o-)
Right now I'm cooking and cleaning. Nobody says no to their little daughter who cooks for them and cleans the house and doesn't go out to parties and has good marks and reads the newspaper and doesn't have a boyfriend and is quiet and always helps and smiles and stuff! Right? RIGHT?!


Jun. 6th, 2007



I didn't like it much because Near's face looks too adult in my opinion (=o=; *self-stabs*

Today's only bad news is that my stupid modem is constantly failing at life AND so is my scanner ( ' - ') But That won't ruin my day, NOTHING will!
Thank you very much everyone who supported me with kind words or even offering help, your comments made me feel better in a devastating moment (TwT)V *sends love*

Jun. 5th, 2007

Yatta (*o*;;

My computer was back before I thought it would.
And just in time for episode 34 (´A`* ;;) Gevanni~ ♪

Saddly I don't have japanese installed yet so I cannot read the 2ch thread, but I found interesting screenshots of Gevanni and...MATTOOOOOOOOOOOOO~ in the preview, though, and well, the lighting makes him look much better. Look behind the cut~

Not so much quality, thoughCollapse )
There was also a panel in which Lester looking badly drawn, but I didn't feel like posting it. Also, you can check NTV's DesuNo page, in the story section they have already updated up to today's episode and even if you cannot read it you can see the new screenshots ne.

I'll edit as soon as I find my XP disc to make Japanese work (=w=;;
EDIT:\ Ningyou PartyNight~
Ignore ;;;;Collapse )

Jun. 2nd, 2007

My computer is dead.

I can't believe this is happening one week before school ends (=o=;;;

If anyone of you knows about computers, I'd be very happy to receive help As for now, I'll send mails to every friend of mine who knows about computers and post about it in every single computer support forum. orz

Here's what's going on:
I turn it on, everything goes allright until a menu shows up. It says that last time I turned it off I didn't follow the appropiate procedure and makes me pick a mode. I can choose between "Failure proof mode" (don't know it's actual english name, that's just a silly translation from spanish's "Modo a prueba de fallos"), "Failure proof mode with network access", "MSDOS mode" or "Normal mode". The problem is that no matter which one I choose, it never works. It suddenly turns off and reboots before anything happens and it repeats over and over and I never can do anything. I've tried to access the BIOS to format, but not even the BIOS work. And that's heart-breaking for a computer freak as I am *cries* If anyone has an idea of how to fix it, please tell me (T.T;

Jun. 1st, 2007


I'm so bored it's not even funny! I need something to do and I can't even draw because when I'm bored I run out of inspiration.
Does anyone know a nice Pchat? I'd run to the one Mishy and I used to go to, but she's not online and that Pchat wasn't really that great, except it had Mishy but if she's not around it isn't fun anymore. orz
Maa, now even going to a chatroom to RP seems tempting and that sucks due the bad quality of *that* chatroom RP, everyone is so OOC and swear and fight about stupid things *shakes off crazy ideas like that one*

Lately in the most random (internet) places you could imagine I've been target of racist remarks (@A@; A person even called me a wetback and told me to go back to my -ugly word- ...when I've never been to the U.S.A wWw *cough* except once, but that was legal. But that is kind of funny because they say I'm probably 4'00'' (is that the right way to numerically say "four feet"? *only knows metric system ;;; *) high and I actually wish I was that small, I'd be much cuter and would look younger and dirty men wouldn't shout pervy stuff to me because I'd be mistaken for a little girl (*-*;;; I also want to be flat-chested! Asdfsdf *randomranodmboredbored*

May. 29th, 2007


Pirates of the Caribbean II & joining general panic state.

My thoughts on the movie. No spoilersCollapse )
In short, I might have liked it if Miss Swann's role hadn't been so overexposed and forced.

Now, onto the other subject, this whole matter of LJ banning communities and even personal LJ accounts is just crazy and feels like harassing!
Despite it's name, I'm pretty sure all lolita communities will remain fine as always, but my main fear revolves around the elricest one. If they mess with my elricest (=o=;;;; I'd be so mad and would kick stuff and push people and...-etcetera-.

May. 28th, 2007


Cheater kana~

I did that listening to MCR's "The Jetset life is gonna kill you". MCR brings angry Mello to my head (@A@;;

I had an exam and today I went to ask about my results. The teacher showed me the paper and they weren't really good...but then she said she would change them, told me not to tell anybody and patted me on the head (*o*;;; lucky~♪ I'm a dirty cheater~ buahahaha. I think that happens because I'm a good student, I'm generally polite and I'm very VERY quiet in class (actually, everywhere) unlike most noisy, obnoxious students.
I really don't feel like talking about my life, but them fandom is so calm I don't have anything else to post about (;-o-)

And just now I noticed I forgot to color Mello's beads. I feel stupid now orz

May. 25th, 2007


I knew it!!!

Emilie Simon is lolita!! Proof is here!!! Only a lolita could do such wonderful tasteful songs! A blouse would have been nice but, whatever~ *loves her even more*

Though, she doesn't sound too good there, it's fault of the video quality ( ' - ' ; I swear.

Pointless post (-o-; Sorry

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May. 24th, 2007

kekkon o shite

Pinku~ MeroNia☆

That, ladies and gentlemen (though, the only gentleman here is Tsuba-tan, since Necrid is gone and H0ri never counted as one ne ; ), is what Hoku does instead of studying for exams. The obnoxious part of drawing eroi pics is that whenever someone comes close I have to inmediatly minimize the window and pretend to be looking at cute webpages where nothing bad happens and happiness, heterosexuality and bunnies reign forever and ever (;-ω-)
I also made a Gevanni vs Mello stupid little comic, but I don't think I'll ever upload it as it sucks (>w<; I like Gevanni, but...Go~go Mello V v!

The song I was listening to last post made me very sad, so in contrast, today's song is happy~ nyappy~~ Everybody should listen to it (^^) Should I upload it? If anyone wants it I'll be happy to share!

...Just now, the phone rang and I answered and the person on the other side played random music and hanged up. I hate when people do phone pranks to me ( ' - ' ;;;; *punpun*

May. 23rd, 2007


My coloring methods...

My Mello becomes self-destructive~

Two shots to the back of the head and we're all dead now.

I'm not sure which one looks better...this or this.

Anyway, about my coloring methods...They suck. I need to find a different way to color pictures...
I found out I can do nicer lineart with Corel than with Photoshop or Opencanvas. However, Corel has like 73973495734979 different brushes and I don't know how the hell to use it. I need a tutorial and a better pencil. The current one looks grainy ( ' A ' ;

This song makes me very angsty.

May. 22nd, 2007


In God's name...

Matt is not pleased

Neither am I (=w=;

My "Pwned Matt" icon has never been more ad hoc~ ♪
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May. 21st, 2007


Even onomatopoeias...

So...since Mishy loves them, it's dedicated to her.

I always wanted to draw that stupid joke (^▽^; I thought about it last year, during folkloric dance rehearsals, but I didn't have much time back then. And today I reminded it and finally drew it~ yoku dekimashitane☆

EDIT:\ Look, look look! (>O<;;
Mishymishy made MeroNia icons for us to use in dA (ToT) *so happy*

May. 18th, 2007



I forgot to clear the background lines from the globe with the "ぷ" onomatopoeia (^o^;;

Today the weather had a change. Now it's rainy and cold so I'm overflowing with happiness (*^^*) So I made a Mello & Near fanart, inspired in how badly I have to fight my umbrella, because I'm very thin and the wind threatens to drag me with it, Mary Poppins style (=w=;;;
Anyway, it is here, right behind the cutCollapse )

However, originally this post was intended to rant about how remakes ruin most songs I like.
Why...? Why on earth do they have to mutilate their own songs like that? Bosè was a good singer, but I think he's getting crazier every year. Aging crisis? Perhaps, I suspect.
But well. I was going to complain about that, so I went to look for examples in youtube and accidentally found this.

Ignore the video!!!! Minimize the window and just listen to the song. It's lovely (´▽`*) ♪
I'll even attempt to translate it!
Try, try!Collapse )

I don't know what it exactly means, but I guess it's about love dissapointment.
Mou, I like it a lot anyway, I'm more in love with the tune than the lyrics. But I'm afraid that this song also has been re-made into an stupid duet. I wish Miguel Bosè was dead. It sounds very VERY wrong, but if he was dead his songs would remain untouched, except for some that other lame artists(If you've ever heard/considered that most spanish music sucks...YOU WERE RIGHT!) also used as a cover but won't ever be as good as the original ones. Though, I can't say I like all of his songs...but the ones I do I like very much.

Last but not least~ I got DoA "Do the A Side" album (^o^)/ I'm even happier *loves Boukenshatachi*

May. 16th, 2007


Death Note 31

I really don't know why I drew this. It came out like that...

Alternative gift for MishyCollapse )

Today I watched DN 31. Same complains as always, except this time they inserted Aizawa's daughter while they left Matt out. Graaa...I don't want to get angry over this...
Only good points were Near's cuteness and various lines I remembered from the manga and he hilariousness of Mikami nearly dancing with the Notebook *sweatdrop* I guess drama comes included with it...kana?
I also was happy to see Mello's red coat, though I'm bitter about the fact I wanted Near to see him with it on. And the hell, he's in Japan already I I... *sigh* I don't want to get angry over this (=_=;;;

Today in school I re-read Flamika's "Putting the Damage on". Now I want to make a picture based on it (=3=;;;

May. 15th, 2007

ミシたん~! おめでとうございます☆

♥ In other words, happy birthday, I'm sorry I can't draw Light

I actually had a different drawing for her, but they got stained and ruined...I'll copy and color them tomorrow~ I also was planning to record myself singing her a birthday song and post it here, but I'm embarrased everyone will laugh at my squirrel-like voice *sweatdrop*

Anyway, Mishy, you have been my friend for more than? four long years and I really appreciate your friendship. I like you even more than most real life people I know, haha~ I don't know what else to say ヽ(〃'▽'〃;ノ☆゚'・:*☆オメデトォ♪ Much love for Mishy-tan, I hope I can be your friend until one of us die forever!

won't post about DN 31 to avoid glooming this post (^o^;;


May. 14th, 2007


Asesino, I will hunt you down and destroy you!

full pic
(Yes they are fighting over a puzzle piece)

A while ago Death Note manga started being published in my country. I haven't buy it since local tankoubans are so bad quality and after a friend borrowed me a Furuba tankouban I felt dissapointed by the translation (@@;;
I just found out that in the mexican version, Light's alias is not "Kira". It's "killer", but in spanish ("asesino").
So it's not "L vs Kira" anymore, it's "L vs Asesino".How ugly does that sound...?

*sigh* Now I can't wait to see all the cheap cosplay that will pop out from nowhere in the local fandom until another manga becomes the in manga.

May. 12th, 2007

I feel tired.

Been playing with filters and table practice...

Right when I have no time, MeroNia fanfics pop up (=o=;
I have printed fanfics, essays and RP logs I will have to read at school.

I was talking to Mishy about comissions. She says I must open them up (...at dA, I suppose) but I think it's too early for that and my artwork isn't worth money at all. I really wish I could make some money from it but at the current time I'm simply not ready, I don't feel my work has reached that level. So for now I'll draw what I feel like and post it online for everyone to see for free. I want to become a good artist, but there's a long way to go and I'm not even in the middle of it...and it just gets longer (TwT;

About guys who pop from nowhere to flirt with youCollapse )

ε=(ノ‥)ノ I'm pretty tired.

May. 10th, 2007

Mother's Day

In Mexico, traditionally people bring "serenata" to their loved ones. Serenata consists of a group of people (they can either be known people or paid people) gathering in front of the cherished person's house in the middle of the night (preferably when said person is asleep) and sing out loud an old fashioned love song accompanied by a guitar until the person wakes up and goes out to "receive it". I personally think it's kind of a rude tradition because I certainly would not be happy to be waked up in the middle of the night, but surprisingly most people likes to receive serenata.
Yesterday, as a church activity, we had to go and bring serenata to many mothers and they were flattered and even cried from happiness to see their sons/daughters singing for them even thought we woke them up around 12:00AM (@@;;; I was glad they were happy about it, despite the facts I didn't want to go and I don't really celebrate Mother's Day at all.

Also, today I went to my grandmother's house and she told us stories about the Revolution times and random mexican-history wise stuff. She's 200% mexican, while I feel like 3% . And that's only because I like tacos, glorias de linares and atole ;;;; ( Atole is a hot drink. I only like chocolate atole, haha ;;) I don't feel like I belong anywhere *sigh*

I practiced with the tablet. It's been a long time since I pacticed with it (^^;

So boo-hoo for me due random post *sweatdrop* I've been lazy...

May. 8th, 2007


Tears stream my face as Demegawa speeches ( ' v ' ;;;

Spoilers for DN 30Collapse )
What else? Oh right, I must do 30 MxN fics, since Ilye made me to commit myself to it through the means of her vileness. And I bought a digital camera so if I learn how to use it I might post pictures and er...pictures ♥

EDIT:\ At least the art is still flawless (though, Lidner doesn't look as good as I expected, I wanted her blue-eyed ( ' - ' ;;; See a post with screenshots~ And note the different jacket (=_=;) *hatred grows* I liked the other jacket...

EDIT:\\ As pointless as this is...
I love when japanese write nonsense english like that (^o^;;; Why yes, L is for luxurious ~ w

May. 5th, 2007

kekkon o shite

Space Dementia { MelloNear}

I'm sorry to spam your f-lists with so much posting. Look at the calendar, I've posted everyday since the month began (@A@;; *is not used to post that much*

Anyway, I didn't intend to draw MelloNear at all, I was actually practicing LightxL but...MelloNear is my thing (=w=) Hu hu hu~
Then again, the sketch is not-so-worksafe, but it's not as if it's blatant porn o.oa So click on the cut under your own risk

I'd cut your name in my heartCollapse )

Aa, by the way~ If you like elricest you must check out this person's dA. Elricest mad skills (´A`* ;;)

Today I was attacked

It hurts so much...Collapse )


May. 4th, 2007


-Mello + Matt-

This is a stupid idea I doodled in class and quickly colored it ( ' v ' ;;;
Little CowboysCollapse )

I have a few more sketches I might scan soon. I've been practicing drawing Light for a present for someone, but my Light seems weak to me. I must improve (>O<);;! Ganbarimasu!

May. 3rd, 2007


Pic/Sketch/Whatever - MeroNia~

Don't laugh at kana, I did it quickly (= =;;

ウインタラブCollapse )

I really do. Springs in Mexico are hot like summers somewhere else. Today's highest tempeature will be 37ºC ( ' ';;; Probably this summer we'll reach 50ºC again, which sucks. When I grow up I'll move to a place like Norway or something...*melts as she speaks*

And to make my life better, yesterday I accidentally slammed the metallic door against my fat finger (I don't know what to call it in english) and now my nail is purple and I'm fearing it might fall down.
I'm not used to bear so much pain, so even thought I fought it I couldn't hold tears back. I'd add a picture, but it's gross ;;;

May. 2nd, 2007


Death Note 29 ♪~

*sigh* Here I go...

Spoilers, blahblahCollapse )


On other news, I need to watch a Near/or Mello/ or both related AMV. Someone should make it, please~ (@o@;;

May. 1st, 2007


Following Akane's ranting

Got it from nichannelCollapse )
The person who posted it said "Noo!That woman! Such a flirter (don't know of a better way to translate "fusakena" ;;;;)! Let go of him!" but to be true Light-kun does not seem too uncomfortable, whatsoever.
We also seem to be getting more dramatic shoots of Papa Yagami, as he has to have his inner and neverending emotional issues, he has to die and you know, while he dies Light-kun has to let his drama queen skills flow. If they didn't ignore Misa's panties they sure cannot ignore Raito's amazing acting skills. I'm very sad over this.

At least Mello will have his "UNDERSTOOD?" scene. Which doesn't make up for all the rubber we have been getting from MadHouse at all.

I'm really sick of Death Note anime. Just yesterday a good friend of mine arrived to my city and gifted me Death Note 8. I was happy and hugged the tankouban a lot, you know~ Mello-wise cover (*o*) (///), but when I got home and read it again, I couldn't help but getting sad because I witnessed the many scenes stupid and perverted anime makers are making aside.

I'd only recommend Death Note anime to L fans, Light fans and perverts who need to see Misa's panties over and over again (=o=)

EDIT:/ A set of Mello pics from ep. 29 to make you as happy as someone could be with all the incoveniences (ToT)

Apr. 28th, 2007

Near says...

It's a comic stripe, with lots of my awful and lame sense of humorCollapse )

I have to attend a stupid dance. I don't want to go (= =;

Apr. 26th, 2007

Death Note 28

I re-post impressions because last time I was so angry I didn't make anysense (TwT;;

Ranting goes firstCollapse )

And then my impressionsCollapse )
I need to re-read the manga, to have an idea of how next episode will be and how much it will cover o.oa
To avoid disappointments such as today's.

Apr. 22nd, 2007

Mello x Near pic

This was kind of inspired by Akane's Game m(_ _)m

Worksafe. It's just a kiss (^^;Collapse )

Also, a few days ago I suggested Mokona-san and Haseo-san to do a kind of MeroNia doujinshi Anthology. And I invited sister too but she's too hesitant (=o=; You draw good, dammit! React! *slaps sister and Puka* (>o<)

Does Puka have anything to do with this at all ;;;?

Apr. 18th, 2007


Present for Brillantina~

This is a birthday message and -allegedly- present for one of my friends, so feel free to ignore♪because of spanish-ness~

Ya hace rato de tu cumpleaños, pero igual no quería dejarlo todo así. Disculpa la tardanza (TwT;;;;

Full size (^o^)Collapse )

More...objectivity ?

Since my first impressions were made under the influence of fangirlism, I'll try once more ( ' - ' ;;;
Cut for spoilers~Collapse )

Apr. 17th, 2007


Death Note 27~ ( Finally!!)


I'm so happy (TwT)
So I'll write my thoughts on the episode~ Not that it's important, but...
Cut for spoilers~Collapse )

Apr. 15th, 2007


*big sweatdrop*

I downloaded an LJ client to erase some of my old posts BUT I accidentally deleted more than I was supposed to (^o^;;;
*sigh* It's alright, though~
I only left some spanish fanfiction, some random spanish posts from last year and most of my english posts.


I can't wait for next DN Episode o(´∇`*o)wakuwaku
I didn't post my thoughts on last one, because...it was very short. But I sure will post about next one. I hope I can get used to Mello's voice. And am hoping to listen to Nia-tan! In japanese Wikipedia they even have already posted Near's seiyuu ♥ I'm very excited (^^)

Mar. 1st, 2007

About Death Note 2nd Opening

A few things I noticed ( ' v ' )
Spoilers for the middle AND the end of series and the book "Another Note" ahead, so read at your own risk~

Little not-so-interesting interpretationsCollapse )

I still think that the opening image sequence will be edited unless, however, they change the storyline which would TOTALLY suck and would make me slit my wrists.


edit:// Be happy, french lolita~♪ Today Novala Takemoto will visit BABY at Paris. I think it'll be at 3:00PM. He's the guy who wrote Shimotsuma Monogatari, Tadashii Otome ni Narutame ni and several other lolita related books which I wish were translated (-o-). Who knows, maybe this means his books will shortly be translated to french and then to english which would be good enough for me (I'd prefer them in spanish, but that'd be being too positive and make me scream "lucky!". Thought,spanish translations primarily suck,so I better learn kanji to read it at it's fullest (=w=;;; )

Feb. 28th, 2007

Death Note 20 (^^)

"Sonna ningen ni mieru no ka"

"Omoimasu. Miemasu"

"do you see me as that kind of human being?"

"I can think of you and see you as such"


That scene! That scene!
It was the best part of the whole chapter! It had to be, since in the manga it was so big it used a whole page (or was it two pages?). I already know what was going to happen but meh, I was excited nevertheless~ It was great! Such a cold answer for your lover, Eru-tan! And when he punched him and Raito kicked him, hahaha, L's face was priceless when he bended his legs back pic pic~Collapse )
I also enjoyed when L says his number of friends increased and we can see shoujo bubbles in the room as they make a circle (>w<)
Huhuhu. I really liked this chapter (^o^)

Except for one single thing. Evil Red lipstick stikes back*/thunderbolts*. That lipstick really ruins Misa's pretty image, she looks more like a hooker and less like Misamisa. Her hair color was a bit bothersome too (-_-;

Ah...the preview was odd. I had the feeling that Misa's nurse wig would be dark-colored and it is blonde. She looked nearly the same, hahaha ;

As a little offtopic note, this song is awesome (*o*)~
The fist time I heard it I thought he said "Marry me! Marry me!" but when I read the lyrics it was "Bury me! Bury me!". I'm awful at listening to english (@A@;;

Feb. 27th, 2007

Death Note New Opening

It was too great for words!
Raito looks all insane and all out of control and then L looks all cute in his chair (TwT)!!!
And MisaMisa looks pretty! At first I didn't like her anime design, but in this vidoe it completely improves and she looks awesome, even with that sexy femme fatal pose (>o<)!
AND Then Raito starts walking and diifferent characters appear in the er... "landscape"? and and ... MELLOOOOOOOO AND NEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!
They looked creepy. REALLY creepy but I loved to see them (>o<)!!
Their eyes look ...not-black, though, but that is probably because of aesthetical reasons ne (@@; Like Misa with her green/purple/I don't remember which color hair.
Anyway, I really liked the animation and the scene sequences and will never get tired form watching it (^o^) V v v.

Though, that won't make me change my mind and I still think the music sucks, at least to my very own taste (x x;;;

*watches again (@w@)*

Feb. 20th, 2007

Someone shot my cat

I hate where I live. I HATE IT. People is so stupid. Why the hell should they harm animals?!

Luckily my cat made it home and we took him to the vet. They had to sew his muscles and skin. I'm very pissed. When this sort of things happen I feel Raito-kun was right about killing criminals and evil people.


Feb. 19th, 2007


My french is not very good, and this computer lacks japanese but I think I understood what I read and I must say...


|||orz *woe*

*sigh* It's obvious that french people would have a BABY store before us in our little land of cactus, hats and tequila (-_-;
I wish I was french (TAT)

Hahahaha. I wish I could read what people say at 2ch, but this stupid computer doesn't have japanese installed and I can't do it since the owner might get angry (=o=;
I can't wait for the episode @o@~!

Feb. 17th, 2007


Does anyone know how to customize deviantart journals @A@;;?

It's been a while since a kind friend bought me a subscription, and I am so lame I haven't used it much... *fails at life*
It requires CSS knowledge, and I know a little but not enough so if anyone knows how to and could lend me a hand I'd be happy to learn please m(_ _)m


Here's random original B%W oekaki. They're characters from a manga I'm drawing, but my little problem is I haven't thought of any names for them cause I'm bad at picking names, huhuhu @@;;;
Any suggestions?

Madonaide~Collapse )

And here's a huge andom MeroNia oekaki (^^;;; It's very big but I'll post it anyway.
BIIIIGCollapse )

And that's all for now. I may add them to dA scraps ( ' - ' ;

Feb. 15th, 2007


I'm happy, I'm happy (*〉▽〈*) !!!
Mishy's package arrived!It contains a Deviruchi Hat, like the one at Ragnarok Games (^o^)! It's a bit bigger than my head, but I don't care! Plus, she sent me awesome MeroNia drawings *explodes from happiness* Mishy's first MeroNia dRawings...Near looks seme, though, but I don't care either! *dances*

Thank you very much Mishy! I hope my package arrives soon, too. Otherwise I'll have to send something else once again (for you and for m3 though, please don't mind (TwT; )
I wonder why my presents never arrive. I'm cursed.

Below are some photos of me with the Deviruchi Hat and some without...but they are meant only for Mishy, so please avoid seeing them ;;;;; Some of them are with my weird stupid frills and are here because Mishy told me to take photos of me so I did but forgot to show them to her and so on and on blahblah, here they are!

Sorry if they are too smallCollapse )
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Feb. 14th, 2007

Misa Valentine~

I can't help but think about Misa.
So I drew her. Note, these are the first two Misa pics I've ever drawn, so don't be surprised by the ugliness.

The other picture has spoiler for How to Read 13 ( ' - ' )

onto the pic~Collapse )

And...that's all, I'm being kicked from the computer (=o=;
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Valentine's Day (MxN Mini Doujinshi)

Haha, I don't know why I made this, I just felt like @@;;; But it was in a rush, so it sucks and is horribly brief.
Please, if you see use big resolution, since some of the letters are very small m(_ _;m)

And don't expect anything great, it's the second doujinshi I ever draw, and the first in which I use ComicWorks, beides, the story sucks and Linda doesn't look like Linda because I don't remember her face, I just recall her ponytails ! @A@;;;

If you dare anyway (=w=;;;Collapse )

I also drew some Misa pics, but I'll add them tomorrow. Or a bit later, who knows. I'll try to upload them to dA, because my computer doesn't want to open any dA page and internet's just plainly failing at life *stabs*(-_-)

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